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Centurion Mud Challenge is designed around an intense medium-distance, 5k “Siege” or 10k “Campaign”. Each course incorporates 15 / 30+ extreme obstacles with the most challenging being the dramatic finale in The Coliseum. Centurion Mud Challenge is designed to punish and please, while testing agility, endurance, mental resolve, and solidarity. You’ll not walk away unscathed.

A guiding principle of Centurion Mud Challenge is that strength is only truly shown through compassion. Here at CenturionHQ, we believe in the words of Luke 12:34: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. In line with this tenet, Centurion Mud Challenge will divert part of each registration directly to an awesome charity, Gospel for Asia. Get more information on the amazing work of Gospel for Asia.

You Should Participate in Centurion Mud Challenge

Ø  Accomplish something extreme
Ø  Know that you have completed an epic adventure like none other
Ø  Make a difference in the world by supporting your charity of choice
Ø  Face challenges to become stronger and more resilient. Conquer challenges to become a Centurion!
Ø  Unite with a group of extreme athletes who choose to crush limits, test themselves in unimaginable ways, and come out begging for more.

Centurion Creed 

Ø  Centurions give generously.
Ø  Centurions love God and Country.
Ø  Centurions band together to face and overcome any obstacle in our path.
Ø  Centurions face fear and hardship with courage and strength until the work is done.
Ø  Centurions finish. Not blood, nor mud, nor flood shall slow us.
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